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>>  Core Java

>>   J2EE

>>   Android

>>   Advanced Java

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BIG DATA HADOOP Online Training Content 

Part 1: Getting Started

  • Hadoop Intro
  • HDP Sandbox box Setup
  • Cloudera Sandbox Setup
  • Basic Linux Intro

Part 2: Hadoop Administration

  • Single Node Cluster Setup
  • Multinode Node Cluster Setup

Part 3:

  • Data Ingestion using Sqoop
  • Data Analysis with Hive
  • Data Transformation using Pig and HCatalog
  • Dealing with Unstructured data using HBase

Part 4: Advanced Hadoop based frameworks

  • Apache Spark – Fast data processing
  • Cloudera Impala – Real time data querying
  • Real time Data Stream data processing

Part 5: Ancillary Hadoop Frameworks

  • Apache Ambari
  • Apache Oozie
  • Apache Flume
  • Apache Hue

Part 6: Data Visualization

  • Tableau Based dash boarding
  • Data indexing using Elastic Search


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