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>>   Cognos

>>   Informatica

>>   Datastage

>>   Microstrategy

>>   AB-Initio

>>   Teradata

>>   OBIEE

>>   Hyperion


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COGNOS Online Training

Duration: 25 Hrs

Introduction to Data Warehousing:

Introduction to Cognos:

Query Studio:

  • Types of Reports
  • Query Studio Templates
  • User Interface
  • Operation on List Report
  • Data Formatting
  • Expand and collapse group
  • Custom groups
  • Filters and Calculations
  • Conditional formatting

Report studio:

  • Types of Reports
  • User Interfaces
  • Page structure and page view
  • Operations on List
  • Discontinuous cross tab
  • Advance sorting and grouping
  • Map Reports and Gauge Chart
  • Formatting the Data
  • Types Filters and Calculations
  • Prompts
  • Tree prompt
  • Cascading prompts
  • Drill through
  • Drill through on charts
  • Drill up and drill down
  • Bookmark
  • Master – Detail relationship
  • Re usability of queries
  • Working with MDX functions
  • Variables
  • Conditional styles and formatting
  • Conditional formatting with charts
  • Render variable
  • Conditional blocks
  • Conditional layouts
  • Layout component reference
  • Bursting
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Understating the reports from Query Explorer
  • Understanding and exploring the tools in toolbox
  • Performance Tuning

Analysis Studio:

  • Introduction to analysis studio
  • Types of analysis
  • Rows columns and context
  • Suppress zeros and nulls
  • Filters and calculations
  • Top and bottom rows
  • Sorting
  • Drill up and drill down
  • Convert to chart
  • Replacing columns and rows
  • Open in report studio

Event Studio:

  • Benefits of Event Studio
  • Process flow
  • Specify event condition
  • Tasks
  • Task execution rules
  • Agents
  • Scheduling an agent

Framework Manager:

  • User Interface
  • Project and model
  • Approaches for modeling
  • Data source connection
  • Importing the metadata
  • Objects in FM
  • Types of Query subjects
  • Filters and calculations
  • Usage property and aggregate property
  • Relationship and cardinality
  • Packages
  • DMR approach
  • Regular and measure dimension
  • Scope relationships
  • OLAP Sources
  • Security
  • Linking and Segmentation
  • Transaction Logging
  • Edit Governors
  • Function Sets
  • SQL Types
  • Query Processing Types
  • Performance Tuning of the Model
  • Macros
  • Session Parameters
  • Performance Tuning

Cognos Connections:

  • Public folders / Private folders
  • Directory Tool
  • Schedule Management
  • Content Administration
  • My Preferences
  • Name Spaces
  • Security
  • Cognos EP 7, Cognos Reportnet
  • Cognos 8.1, Cognos 8.2, Cognos 8.3
  • Cognos Metric Studio, Cognos Transformer 8.3.


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