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Web Methods

Duration: 30 Hrs

The following are the course contents that are involved for Web methods 6.5 version

  • Introduction to EAI, B2B transactions and today’s Market with respect to Integration
  • Introduction to different Integration Technologies
  • Introduction to Web methods
  • Web methods Components, s/w installation
  • Integration Server, Clustering and Load Balancing
  • Developer (programming and Exception Handling)
  • Flat Files, Dictionary, Data parsing
  • Adapters, communication to different systems (JDBC, SAP, Mainframe, PeopleSoft)
  • Scheduler, File Polling and FTP processing, Deployer
  • XML and Web Services based processing, JMS
  • IS Admin and Broker Admin
  • EDI / processing EDI based files
  • Trading Networks / EDI with Trading Networks
  • BAM,BPM concepts
  • Modeler
  • Monitor and MWS (My Web methods Server)

The same topics would be discussed with respect to Web methods 7.x and Web methods 8.x versions using Designer.

  • Some Miscellaneous topics Include:
  • Frameworks and 7.1 usage (CAF) and so on
  • Web Methods Certificate Tool Kit
  • Cross Product
  • Metadata
  • Task Engine
  • Process Engine
  • Blaze Advisor
  • Centrasite
  • Architectural patterns/GEAR


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